HAPPY HARDCORE legend DJ HIXXY says he would LOVE Helter Skelter to return – but only if done properly.

Rumours have been swirling in recent months that promoter Dave Pratley is planning to bring back the popular ‘90s event for a reunion.

And now Hixxy – AKA IAN HICKS, who was a Skelter regular – has revealed his views on the matter.

Joining ROAR for a live watch-a-long as the final episode of our exclusive four-part interview with the four-beat king went out this week, Ian took questions from our audience and was asked whether he saw it happening.

The south coast DJ, producer and Raver Baby label owner replied: “Not sure, I’d love it to but I think it would have to be 100% bang on right time [and] place for Dave to do it – he’d want it to be a proper unreal and meet the expectations.”

Hixxy also revealed to ROAR that he was planning to bring back Bonkers, alongside SCOTT BROWN, SHARKEY and DOUGAL, and gave a little teaser of what it might entail – including whether it might feature some of the quality new breakbeat being made.

He said: “[The] new bonkers [is] in [its] early early stages but 100% [happening].

“The new breaks…out there is so good and getting loads of mad love, it’s exciting…to see.”

Check out our interviews with Hixxy on the ‘episodes’ section of our website, where you can also find our latest interview with ORANGE/ISOTONIK promoter, DJ, producer and Top of the Pops star CHRIS PAUL.

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