LEGENDARY DJ Stu Allan has admitted to ROAR how at first he didn’t like the new rave scene at the turn of the ’90s!

On Friday we dropped the first episode in a four part interview with North West rave king, who’s been pleasing ravers on the dance floors across the country for three decades playing anything from acid House to breakbeat jungle to techno and happy hardcore.

Stu – who, through his iconic radio shows, did so much to spread rave music of all types across the country – told us how he was introduced to underground music as a youngster growing up on Anglesey, in North West Wales by Radio 1’s John Peel.

He told explained how unemployment during the “Thatcher Regime” led to him move to Manchester and land a show on Piccadilly Radio after the usual presenter went off for six weeks, where he says: “On A Sunday night, I’d be playing all these bizarre tracks”.

But Stu – pictured above with his old mate Carl Cox – admitted he didn’t much like his first taste of rave music, at Shoom in 1990, or the crowd!

He said: “There were tracks like..very untraditional house. All just loads of sampley things…thrown together. I like them more now than I did then to be honest!

“The whole vibe was just very different. It was you know, sort of loose baggy clothes. A very different crowd. It was just all very different.”

Watch the full episode with this true legend of the rave scene here….

And stand by for the next three episodes – part 2 drops on Wednesday – in which Stu talks about dabbling with jungle, his friendship with Carl Cox, success in the pop music charts with his Euro Dance act Clock, his journey through happy hardcore and much more about the rave scene in general – including answering your burning questions!


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