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ROAR combines old school and upfront for the first time today as we welcome drum and bass stalwart MAMPI SWIFT as we celebrate 30 years in the business and 25 years of his label CHARGE RECORDINGS with what is his most in-depth interview EVER.

In this brutally frank and honest three-parter stripped across a week, Swift – AKA PHIL ANIM – will chart the major ups and downs of his 30 years in the game as a top DJ, producer and label owner.

With no topic off-limits, Phil will talk about how he went from highs of being one of the biggest names in the business to his lowest – struggling with his mental health, making bad business decisions, losing all his bookings and not leaving home for two years, ballooning to 24 stone before quitting the scene altogether – before making triumphant return a couple of years later.

He will also discuss the profound impact his father’s death had on him several years ago, how it helped him find peace and happiness as a proud dad-of-four and helped him cope with all the difficulties music artists have faced during the pandemic. It’s an absolutely barnstorming interview, so sit back and enjoy and make sure you catch the subsequent two eps…

Part 2 – where Phil discusses his infamous ‘double-drop’ technique and rivalry with ANDY C, and why he HATES his performing name – is coming on WEDNESDAY with part 3 next Friday, where Phil gives his take on the current DnB scene, while asking: How and why did it all become so white and middle-class, and is structural racism at play?




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