MAGIKA is the self-confessed Mister Marmite of rave – loved and respected by some for his contribution to the ‘90s scene, while others feel less enamoured by his MCing and even some of his behaviour over the years. 

But nobody can deny he’s been right at the heart of the UK rave scene from its earliest days through to the present as an artist playing all the biggest parties, a promoter of his own events, and in the media. 

In this emotionally-charged and engrossing three-part interview, Magika – AKA AIMRAN MAJID, or ‘G’ – tells the fascinating story about how as a Muslim he defied the wishes of his parents, friends and teachers and worked his arse off to become the first Asian rave MC, in spite of all the difficulties and prejudice that entailed. 

Part one sees G break down as he recalls a tough childhood where he faced all sorts of prejudice, reveal how he was given his big break by a member of popular Birmingham reggae band UB40, and admit using a dodgy local telephone box as his ‘office’ as he bombarded leading promoters with calls and long letters until they gave him a gig. 

Stand by for part 2 and 3, coming later this week, where G will address claims made by VIBEALITE promoter GARY JAQUES regarding their falling out in the mid-90s, and reveal the shocking extent of some of the appalling racism he’s had to face in a scene which prides itself on peace, love, unity and respect. 

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In the coming weeks we will bring you big-name interviews with four-beat happy hardcore don HIXXY, jungle’s Mr Mix & Blend KENNY KEN, and STU ALLAN, Rave King of radio and the Northwest – with more to be announced shortly including an international act and (hopefully) another rave household name you simply will not want to miss.




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