Rave originator JUMPING JACK FROST rounds up his three-part interview with ROAR by moving into the modern day and assessing the many positives, and some negatives, of the current drum and bass scene, while comparing the then and now.

Praising ANDY C for his huge success which continues to push the music into the mainstream, Frost – AKA NIGEL THOMPSON – also addresses recent claims of racism and ‘whitewashing’ which came to the fore when his label V RECORDINGS was not featured in last year’s Drum and Bass Arena documentary about the history of the scene, and why until recently there have historically been so few female rave artists. Nigel also chats about what a tough year it’s been for DJs – although it’s been pretty good for V, he says – and how he’s managed lockdown despite losing several people close to him to Covid-19.

And he talks about his latest project, the excellent FROST REPORT, which sees him and other notable public figures discuss a range of issues including racism, women’s rights, and mental health – while also giving advice to aspiring producers.

Next Friday we bring you the first of a three-part interview with HOSPITAL RECORDS founder, DJ and producer, LONDON ELEKTRICITY (AKA TONY COLMAN), who will address publicly for the first time the wave of allegations of racism which the label went through last summer, as well as how – like Frost – he helped change jungle and drum and bass.

Frost’s artwork today was drawn by DnB Illustrated. Check her out at https://www.instagram.com/dnbillustrated/



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