What is it about the ’90s rave scene that everyone loves so much?

Seems like a weird question doesn’t it? If you raved throughout the 90s, you’ve probably never given a great deal of thought as to why it was the best decade for dance music. You were there and you had a jolly old time, but life is different now. You don’t have the time for nostalgia do you? Your children are exhausting you with their endless demands and the… “OH FFS Frankie! Take that jam sandwich out of the dog’s ear!”

It’s a question we will be asking all of our future guests and it’ll be interesting to hear what they have to say. Many will say that good drugs will have had a huge part to play in it, and you can’t really disagree with that. Ecstasy helped everyone to let go without fear of being judged, it brought all kinds of people together in one place and helped turned hate into love. But is that all it was? An entire decade loved by millions and looked back on with fondness, reduced merely to the quality and availability of chemicals at the time?

Of course not

There are many other sides to this coin, including (but not limited to) the music, the DJs, the MCs, the venues, the record shops, the pirate stations, the criminal justice bill, rebellion, and many other socioeconomic factors.

If you think about it, ‘rave’ was the last big movement that happened in music, in a sense. Of course we know it started in the late ‘80s, but that musical tsunami became a wave that we surfed right into 1999.

It is an interesting question that’s for sure, and everybody will have a different set of reasons as to why it was so special for them. One thing is for sure, there’s certainly a lot of ’90s nostalgia around at the moment. What a time to start documenting! Happy listening.

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