You’ve probably seen the jungle and drum-and-bass pioneers on a number of documentaries over the past year discussing Rage, as they celebrate 30 years of their famous night, and how they created the popular drum-and-bass sound from techno and acid house mixed with sped-up hip-hop.

But we bet you’ve never heard them talk as candidly about each other as you will when we finally launch R.O.A.R: The ’90s Rave Podcast series, with these two legends of the scene among our first guests.

Fabio’s Magic Dog

You’ll never have heard them talk so passionately about the horrific racism they’ve both encountered over the years – and still do to this very day.

Or how, in a different life, Grooverider could have been a tech millionaire as one of the earliest computer coders, and Fabio working 9-5 selling insurance.

And you’ll certainly never have heard how Fabio has got a magic dog. That’s right, Fabio’s got A. Magic. Fucking. Dog.

Well you soon will – and much, much more – when their fantastic episodes finally drop in the coming days.


Fabio & Groove are absolutely top blokes and fantastic interviewees, who we were buzzing to spend Wednesday with in Fab’s living room, and we are so excited for you all to finally get to hear them.


We can also reveal the boys were bowled over by the F&G-related art created by our in-house artist Grantus Arts – some of it which they generously spent 10 minutes signing – that you’ll eventually be able to get your hands on, and even asked us to send them some!

So follow our FacebookTwitterInstagram pages and this site for teasers and a release date of the first in our brand new series of podcasts about the ’90s rave scene, which will be available on all the usual podcast platforms, including on YouTube


And hold tight for the best Fabio & Grooverider interview you’ve ever heard – here and only on R.O.A.R: The ’90s Rave Podcast.


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