[**Our sincerest apologies both to you and to Junior Tomlin for the sound quality in this episode – you can blame Latch for that as he had to present AND produce at the same time…and failed. Think he was a bit tipsy on that free lager, and we were a bit rushed by the interview being delayed due to traffic. One of those days. Needless to say, we won’t be allowing him to do that again any time soon!**]

Celebrating 30 years in the game, JUNIOR TOMLIN chats over a few beers to ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast about his amazing life and career as one of the scene’s most famous artists.

Still a geezer at 60, Junior – AKA The Salvador Dali of Rave – sat down with regular host TOM LATCHEM and ROAR’s resident artist, GRANTUS ARTS, at East London’s fittingly cool SIGNATURE BREWERY to chew the fat over how he was inspired by sci-fi samples in early ’90s rave music to become one of the scene’s top flyer designers with his so-called “visual drugs” which will have adorned many of your walls, and in turn inspired ravers to become artists.


Enjoy this? Then buy Junior’s brilliant book here: https://velocitypress.uk/

Thanks as well to the great guys at Signature Brewery in Blackhorse Road for having us and kindly supplying us with all that booze you can see in shot. Check them out here: https://www.signaturebrew.co.uk/


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