ROAR gets typically deep with LONDON ELEKTRICITY, one of the most influential names in the current drum and bass jungle scene, and co-founder of arguably its biggest label HOSPITAL RECORDS.

Through his work Hospital, the DJ, producer and event promoter – AKA TONY COLMAN – has been hailed by some for changing the face of drum and bass and jungle by helping push it to a more mainstream audience. But last year Tony and the label faced allegations of racism by a Black former staff member and the wider public.

In this mega three-part interview no stone will be left unturned and no issue left unaddressed as he speaks for the first time about his “difficult” year, and reveals it has led him to step back from running the business. In this episode, Tony will talk about how as a “born rebel” he defied the wishes of his “buttoned up” parents to forge a career in the underground music scene, and was inspired by GOLDIE’s TIMELESS album to bring his love of avant-garde acid jazz to the tough and sometimes unwelcoming jungle scene where he initially felt like an outsider desperate to be accepted…but first had to teach himself how to produce the stuff!

Explaining how Hospital came to pass, and its “accidental” success, Tony will tell how the label came up with its iconic name and stood out from the crowd with its famous bright and bold artwork and designs.


In part 2 Tony will talk of how, along with Goldie, RONI SIZE, and a few notable others, Hospital helped change the image of jungle drum and bass from a scene with a reputation for violence in the late ‘90s, by forging its own path, reveal some of his highs and lows as a DJ and producer, and discuss his decision to step back from running the label.

And in the third and final part Tony will exclusively address for the first time in an interview those allegations of racism from last Summer. So do stay with us right to the end of the interview, because you will not want to miss it!

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