Happy Hardcore don and Bonkers creator HIXXY – AKA IAN HICKS – sits down for a full and frank four-part interview with ROAR where no stone is left unturned. In this special first episode – which is dedicated to the recently deceased rave producer friend SQUAD-E and sees Ian pay tribute to his close friend ahead of his interview – the renowned South Coast rave artist discusses the role his area played in the creation of four-beat hardcore, and what attracted him to the more uplifting sounds.

Taking in his early days as a music-obsessed teenage raver and DJing out for the first time, Ian talks about how his parents helped financially support his record collecting hobby, tells how he managed to remain patient for success as his star grew, and discusses his close friendship with DOUGAL which saw the pair set up renowned hardcore label ESSENTIAL PLATINUM.

Plus Ian, who is unashamed in admitting his love for MCs, reveals he could have another string to his bow beyond being a DJ, producer, record label owner and event promoter…as a sometime hype man who couldn’t resist picking up the mic from time to time!

Part 2 drops next WEDNESDAY, part 3 next FRIDAY and part 4 the following WEDNESDAY – and we’ll be peppering the fortnight with a bit of extra content that our MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE FIRST!



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