Have you ever heard the incredible, heartwarming tale about the ’90s rave DJ who was brought up in foster care, left school without any GCSEs, was often in trouble with the law as a gang member, and then after successfully defending himself in court became a barrister?


Well check out this episode featuring one of the most amazing stories to come out of the ’90s rave scene! Despite his tough upbringing in East London, FOOTLOOSE defied the odds to become a jet-setting star of the jungle scene and Kool FM resident in the mid-90s DJing at events alongside the scene’s biggest names, and later a BBC 1Xtra presenter. But after growing fed up with the music industry Footloose – AKA MARK ROBINSON – decided to go into youth work. Within a year he found himself back in front of a judge, wrongly accused of ABH.

Fed up with his legal team, Mark decided to sack them and defend himself – and won! He was then convinced by those who witnessed his performance in court to go into the legal profession and, at the back end of last year, qualified as a barrister. Here Mark tells ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast all about his inspirational life story in our latest episode, Footloose – From Bad-boy to Barrister (via the ’90s rave scene).



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