In yet another deep-dive double-header, ROAR: The ‘90s Rave Podcast meets the man behind the mask as we really get to know the real MARK ARCHER in the ALTERN 8 icon’s most in-depth interview yet.

In part 1, the surprisingly introverted producer and DJ talks of his ‘accidental’ success with BIZARRE INCNEXUS 21 and and the famous PPE-masked duo, coming through the house and techno scene that saw him work with Detroit legends before helping to create that famous early hardcore sound, and secretly playing live PAs on ironing boards. Plus Mark compares the political situation from the early ‘90s to now, given his involvement in the #WeAreViable campaign, and reveals a previously undisclosed penchant for bird-watching!

The second and final part – where he discusses the highs of becoming a Top of the Pops star, the lows of his later financial struggles, and he addresses rumours of having beef with THE PRODIGY – coming next Friday!



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