DJ Slipmatt may be the nicest man in rave – but he’s sure as hell not dull.

With more stories than Jackanory, we could not have have picked a better guest to be among our first guests on R.O.A.R: The ’90s Rave Podcast series than the legend behind so many seminal rave tracks.

Hosts Tom and Chrissy spent two hours earlier this week chewing the fat with Slipmatt – AKA Matt Nelson – as he regaled them with tales of how he went from trainee electrician to The Godfather of Rave, via acid house, pirate radio station Raw FM, SL2 hits DJs Take Control, Away in My Brain and On A Ragga Tip (which even saw him star on Top of the Pops and get kissed by a word famous pop music sex icon), breakbeat hardcore, and tons of everyone’s favourite happy hardcore classics.

With Matt there are no airs and graces. Turning up for the interview at Chrissy’s home bang on time, he didn’t complain once despite being interviewed next to Chrissy’s snoring, farting old dog, George, and was more than happy to do and answer anything we asked of him, with no questions off-limit in his most open, no-holds-barred interview ever. 

Slipmatt 1

(Oh, and he even got our producer Paul Kingsize physically aroused when he admitted Paul’s 1997 track You Belong To Me was one of the favourite tunes he ever released on his label, Universal Records, which Chrissy and Tom both admitted was the low point of the interview.)

All of which means that, when the podcast drops in the next couple of weeks, you’re in for a treat – and even Matt’s biggest fans, who think they know all there is to know about him, are guaranteed to learn something new.

So keep following our FacebookTwitterInstagram pages and this site for teasers and a release date of the first in our brand new series of podcasts about the ’90s rave scene, which will be available on all the usual podcast platforms, including on camera at YouTube
(We will also sit down with drum-and-bass pioneers Fabio & Grooverider later this week to talk about how they fused techno and hip-hop to create the world famous jungle sound and a whole lot more besides – so expect that to land soon, too.)
There will also be some really cool limited edition Slipmatt-related art created by our in-house artist Grantus Arts – some of it Matt generously spent 10 minutes signing – that you will eventually be able to get your hands on.
In fact Matt’s so nice he’s even agreed to do us an exclusive R.O.A.R. mix of his fave tunes through the 1990s, which you’ll be able to find on our Mixcloud and Soundcloud pages – so head there and subscribe to hear those as well.
And, as the good news keeps flowing, we believe Paul’s boner has finally just about subsided, thank god. 
George is still farting, though
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